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Become a Piano Player!


Bill Hynes Piano

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*Lessons in Popular, Rock, Classical, Blues and Jazz Piano and Keyboards.

 *All levels: beginners, advanced and professionals.
*Gig, Jam with others or just play for yourself.
 *Learning all Chords
*Soloing and riffs in all 12 keys
*Transposing to and from any key
*Transcribing from recordings
*Ear training/Pitch recognition
*Keyboard skills for Hip Hop Producers
*Advanced theory also includes Jazz improvisation/reharmonization etc.
I've been a dedicated piano teacher for over 20 years and gigged for over 20 years.
Contact me for more info and I'll try to answer any questions you might have.
Contact Me:
Phone*: 781-233-2195
e-mail* bill@billhynespiano
*(Students up to grade 12 need parent to set up appointment.)



A directive to a performer to perform the indicated section of a composition with a specific "character" or style


 [Italian, softly]

1. A keyboard instrument that 
sounds by hammers
striking strings.Keys are depressed by the performer's fingers.
 2. Dynamic marking meaning quiet or softly. [p]

Staccato [stakˈkaːto](Italian for "detached") is a form of musical articulation. In modern notation it signifies a note of shortened duration, separated from the note that may follow by silence. It has been described by theorists and appeared in music since at least 1676.