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Van P. Jennifer’s Mom,

 “My daughter started her
piano lessons with Bill Hynes two years ago. She was only five years old
and English is not her first language (she had been learning English for a
few months). I was very concerned if she would be able to follow his
instructions. However, Bill has been very patient and professional. I was
my daughter’s interpreter during the first two classes! With his simple
explanations and instructions, she was able to pick up without my help.
Bill has been allowing me to observe the lessons so that I can help my
daughter when she practices at home. This has been very helpful as I had
no background about music and piano. Sometimes we had questions about her
homework so I called him and I got his quick and clear responses over the
phone. I am happy with the progress that my daughter has made. She enjoys
learning and looks forward to her weekly lessons.”




have wanted to learn to play the pian
o since
I was a very young girl. My
uncle was an accomplished pianist, and two of my cousins took lessons for
many years, but my family could not afford lessons or a piano. After I
reached my 60th birthday, I decided that if I was going to ever
play the piano, I had best start soon.

years ago I bought a piano, and when I began to search for a teacher,
several people recommended Bill Hynes very highly. I called and set up my
first class, and I have been taking weekly lessons ever since. I thought
at first that I might feel out of place….the oldest student among all very
young children. But that has not been the case at all. I fit in just

have met students of many different ages and skill levels at Bill’s
studio-from beginners like myself to accomplished performers. If I am a
bit early I can hear some really nice music while waiting. But I have also
overheard Bill working so well with the very little ones. Bill’s
instructions are very clear, and he is very patient. His comments and
corrections are always very positive.

 I am a teacher myself. I know how hard it is to teach
anything to anyone. I am so pleased with my progress. I look forward to my
lesson every week. For me this is one of the most relaxing but also
challenging activities that I do each week. And I am so impressed with how
much more I enjoy listening to music of all kinds now that I understand a
little more of what is behind the production of such beautiful and moving

Teresa M. Lyons, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology


MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Salem State University





“When I first came to Bill’s studio, I was also taking lessons with
another piano teacher. Although Bill came with high praise from a friend
of mine, he was significantly farther from my house than the other
teacher. But in the third week of my studies, I asked the teacher who was
close to my house a question about a particular chord progression (I had
played for 13 years in my youth, so I was conversant in music theory, but
not fluent), his vague answer went something like, “I can’t explain how I
do it. I just feel it.” At my next lesson with Bill, he not only answered
my question with extreme clarity, but he answered it BEFORE I ASKED IT. He
saw the problem in the way I was playing before I pointed it out to him.
My decision was made. I didn’t care how far Bill was from my house, the
trip would be worth it.

 And I was right, for more than 2 years, every class with Bill has been
so much more than just eye-opening. My knowledge of music theory has
radically improved as has my ear training. Concepts that I struggled with
for years when previously playing have quickly become second nature under
Bills tutelage.

 In addition to Bill’s ability to work with people like me who have had
years of previous training, he is also great with the new learners I see
him working with while I’m in his waiting room. He is patient and
supportive with even the youngest of students. In fact, as an educator
myself, I’ve made mental notes on his teaching style that I repurpose for
my own teaching.

 In sum, no matter where you are in your studies, Bill Hynes will get
you to the next level in no time!”

Jon Hodge Ph.D.
Strictly English 
TOEFL Tutors.


Jon improvising on

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